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Ken Gaub

On November 15 Ken Gaub endorsed Ben Garcia for congress. Ken believes in the values Ben stands for, God, Family, Country. 


May 15, 2020 



To Voters in the 4th CD, 



I  endorse Benancio Garcia III for United States Congress. Ben stands for the timeless principles that have made this country great. He will serve the people of the WA 4th Congressional District well.   


Ben is my friend, and I am convinced he is the most qualified candidate. He is pro-business, pro-military, pro-law enforcement, pro-life, and pro-farmer. Ben is a tireless advocate for election integrity and national sovereignty. We need Ben to serve the People of Washington State in D.C. 


Ben is a combat veteran, who honorably served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He’s served his community as an educator and as a city treasurer. His knowledge of how the agricultural industry works is essential knowledge for serving the people of this district. I believe Benacncio Garcia is best quialifiedto represent the people of our district in Congress.  



CDR Steve A McLaughlin USN (ret) 

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