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"I fully appreciate the present peril the Country is in, and the weight of responsibility is on me."

President Abraham Lincoln



The Bill of Rights states it quite simply: “The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

Communists. Nazis. Dictators. Totalitarians. The first move any of them make is to take away their subjects’ means of self-defense. Slavery and death always follow. We cannot let that happen. Join me in protecting our right to keep and bear arms.


The United States Constitution was written to ensure your freedoms, your liberties. It is very clear, and it is not open to interpretation. When I enlisted in the United States Army, I swore to support and defend that Constitution against all enemies, foreign…and domestic. My enlistment may have ended, but my oath still stands. That’s a promise.


America has enemies, both outside of our borders and inside them. I promise you that I will fight to my very last breath to keep our great country safe for you, your children, and your grandchildren.


Autocratic, socialist politicians have stomped on our rights for too long. Many people of faith, including myself, have serious reservations about being forced to accept vaccinations for COVID-19. Not the least of these reservations have to do with the fact that the vaccines being foisted upon us are all in some way connected to research and chemicals that were derived from the continuously reproduced cells of babies that were aborted decades ago. Why is, “My body, my choice,” no longer important to some people?


Life begins at conception. Babies are the most innocent of all of God’s creatures. It is our highest obligation to nurture and protect them, from the very beginning.


Isn’t it sad that we have been lied to so much, deceived so often, that many Americans find it increasingly easier to believe that they are being blatantly cheated at the ballot box? I will make it a priority to restore your faith in America’s electoral process, so we can once again be a beacon of fairness, justice and integrity for the world to emulate!


Our greatest generations deserve the highest respect! I promise to do everything in my power to protect their health and their dignity!


America’s southern border is wide open. Many of those who come through are decent, hard-working people who would die to become an American, to contribute, to just give their children the opportunity to live the American dream. But many are not, and those are not only being allowed in, but are being transported all over the country without being vetted at all.

A nation without borders ceases to be a sovereign nation. What we are doing now is obviously not working. It’s not just, and it’s not right. Join me in making it right.


Just like my staff and myself, and just like so many of you, our police and military swore on their honor to be the sheepdog that protects their flock from the wolves of the world. And regardless of how badly we may wish it were otherwise, the wolves are everywhere…they are all around us. Our protectors deserve our most profound gratitude and support. And we do not leave them behind. Ever.


Ordinary Americans have to balance their budget every month or they will go broke…maybe even go to jail! Why should our government not be held to the same standard? Every dollar politicians conjure out of thin air in trillion-dollar (that’s a thousand-thousand-million dollars!) spending packages lowers the value of the dollars we work so hard to earn. That is the definition of inflation! 

How much more do your groceries cost now than they did last year? Or your gasoline? In just one year!? Inflation doesn’t raise the value of goods and services. It lowers the value of your hard-earned dollars, so it takes more of them to buy what you need. Please join me in stopping the madness.


I am proud to have worked both white-collar and blue-collar jobs! Having done the work of an auditor, of an apple picker, and of a combat veteran, I understand that farms, businesses, and people perform best when government gets out of the way of the American worker!


We Americans are proud to earn our living, but when politicians collude to raise taxes, it makes it that much harder for us to do. I will fight to keep the federal government’s money-grubbing fingers out of your pockets!

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